Marketing & Branding

What is a Brand ? What kind of benefits could a Brand include ?How Could we developp our product,  service into a Brand ?

Experts see Branding  as a set of attributes that a product or service carries in a specific manner to acquire the attention  of  consumers. Moreover and nowadays, consumers are more enlightened and cynical and more demanding and no longer pay much attention to traditional marketing efforts, especially those that repeat the same message everytime.

Branding focuses on the consumers. How they feel, perceive  and think of a product, including a more global view. The product and its makers are seen  as a whole package.

Marketing, which its  inner strategical and tactical expertise, is a technical activity  aimed to design a plan to make a product and its Brand grow. Marketing Actions ordinary must archieve more tangible results, sales and profitability objectives. Marketing Actions ( planning, pricing, setting up a distribution and promotion network ) would have an impact on the Brand and a good Branding Action  will mean Archievement on Marketing Goals.


The art of making something more interesting that it is really is.

Exposure of a product, repetition of a message

To show the Availability of the product focused to enhance consumers.


Makes a diferentiation itself. Personality.

Gives a  trusted Name. It carries a promise.

Distinguishable. It takes a  differentiated value.

In my view , one of the Highlihts of every business strategy should  focus on adding  value (intangible) to tangible Products. Branding creates a differentiation for the product that means a motivation for consumers  to experience and thereby help to  achieve marketing objectives, in the global arena where everything has just been made. (


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