Dolls_houseHomeschooling l Educating kids outside the average school system may configure an attainable objective for many young parents. The possibility to give kids outstanding knowledge as those of medieval trivium and quatrivium, appears as inspiring;  and as genitors detent the patria potestas over their kids they could not be forbidden – essentially- of deciding the way they choose to educate their kids. But even if the parents have best intentions in mind, educating children at home could lead to deprive kids from meeting and sharing with others individuals. At this point it is where as far as I am concerned Homeschooling Fans face their first and insolvable problem.

Undoubtedly homeschooled-learners lack of socialization with peers of different ethnic and religious backgrounds as they are “sheltered” from mainstream society and even more they are denied opportunities of social development. Homeschooled kids may rest in a kind of bubble, which could unlock the potential to develop communities those which do not fit into standards of citizenship, human rights and human values.

Although Homeschooling may bring upper classes kids the opportunity to interchange and develop in an average and privileged environment, it could also deal to the most inequality conditions and results, because taking off from parents the responsibility to send their kids to school might hide illegal behaviors, criminal cases as child abuse, as well as the output of the total lack of education of a huge part of the population, especially in the poorest and uncivilized countries.

Nevertheless close tutored kids have developed superlatively following excellence standards. Several homeschooler’s parents choose the trivium and quatridivium schemas to set their lessons and monitor students progress. A creeping amount of young mothers, once professionals decide to educate their kids at home, after comparing their own resources and education to those of the main actors of educational system. Moreover they think that they actually can give much better education at home.

All things considered it would be adequate to agree on encouraging parents to improve their children education by providing support and comprehensiveness to the child development, through special activities such as museums visits, art workshops, literature sessions, logical games and cooking training. One can learn a lot of the laws of the Nature Chemistry, Physic and Economy (!) just by cooking in a familiar atmosphere.


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