Should examinations be abolished from school and colleges?

beatriz acosta,
beatriz acosta,

Should examinations be abolished from school and colleges?

I cried so loudly the first time I heard this concept because it was truly a shock for me. How could somebody in his/her right state of mind just even attain an idea like that? Where is our Educational System going to end if it starts by abolishing examination processes?

But after the emotional reaction I went beyond the words to bear in my mind the right meaning of the idea: are school examinations really useful? Or are they, as the previous writer has said, just a proof of the good memory of some students?

In one hand I might say that school examinations are sometimes overformal and that they usually follow uneasy procedures which could be unfair to some bright students who barely do not fit in the ordinary criteria, but have enormous potential to develop themselves.

I remember a Psychology teacher of mine who once told me: “I was so a disaster at Chemistry that I had to put myself under a harsh studying routine, but at the end of the year my mark always was a ten”. How could it be? I was also a remarkable disaster at Chemistry and I could never ever get a six. The answer is quite simple:  my Psychology Teacher was a more organized person and she followed a method; and we all know that to achieve a goal, we need to follow a method.

Ought we to release younger generations to find their own methods? Ought we to let them free of stress avoiding them the thought about methods? How are they going to learn to solve problems if we start by rescue them from examination stress? Ought we to let them to happily live the dolce far niente?  Ought we to avoid educating them, just to avoid examination stress? Choosing a free of stress student life, we are just breeding dumb people. Not everyone at College is Martin Luter. I mean, not everybody at school has such a gear to overweight the whole system and bring something new. Most students never stress themselves and never feel compelled to get achievements in the school life, because they simply do not care.

Sometimes we do not need to be superlative to get a goal, but we need to focus and perform superlatively and continue through the challenge to get positive results. And that is where Schools and Colleges should also train younger generations to morph their characters and motivation to survive unemployment, career gaps and unwilling changes in the professional and personal life. Avoiding examinations we take out goals from the Educational process. And in my view there is nothing more appalling that an activity without a goal. We are not Taoist. We need to visualize our goal. We need to know where are we going to and an examination is a simple way to show our commitment and diligence to achieve a goal.

Examinations could be unfair for many talented students but for most of the educational actors examinations are convenient, they are right in the middle of major necessities and intelligences; and bright students might honour their gift and make an effort to fit in the ordinary world just for a while. The idea of just cutting all examinations off would lead, as far as I am concerned, to soaring rates of progressive school abandons, boarding the gaps between wealthy and educated people and poor and illiterate people.

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