Should students be allowed to use cell phones at school?

Should students be allowed to use cell phones at school? Firstly it is absolutely important to recall that a cell phone is after all a communication device and in this sense it may be plausible to allow students to use them during the break time. But how can teachers and helpers monitor whether the students are not just playing games with those gadgets avoiding school duties.

Currently discipline at school is a main problem. Teachers and Principals secretly know that is quite difficult to make students stay calm and pay attention. Introducing mobile technologies full of new and trendy apps such as Facebook or You Tube would rather lead attention, classroom rules and  as well as management almost to the disaster.

On my own experience I can say that sometimes working at the Computer Lab could be uneasy for teachers. So allowing students to bring those little and fancy tablets to their classroom is likely to be considered by them as a free time activity inside the class. I totally agree to the point that nowadays it is quite difficult to keep students aligned. Due to this permitting them to use cell phones inside the classroom would make it easy for them to break the conviviality rules without even realise about it. Just imagine what a kidding tweet or a provocative picture may create, a petite revolution!

Most intellectuals have been asking themselves whether going back to the old times without the online sweeties would be the key to innovation and efficiency. Modern schools have notoriously banned many rules, leaving teachers disarmed to tackle classroom problems. Only a small amount of people realise that problems at schools today will turn into social problems in the near future. Cool and unruly kids would enter to the job market and the consequences of an indulged childhood would be patent and irreversible.



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