Soft Skills – Skills for Life

SOFT Skills – Skills for Life

I’ve participated on a Macmillan Webinar where teachers were encouraged to teach Students to have the right Behaviour, likewise a university degree or good marks. As an example the facilitator (Professor Emma-Sue Prince)  shows that when somebody gets a job the employer will look for his/her attitude and behaviour at first. Management or technical skills can be learnt sooner or later but attitude is something that every individual bring with them. The same happens with Students in a classroom, even if they are not especially talented but if they have the right attitude they will succeed.

I love Teaching

All the employers expect for soft skills. And as a trainer the teacher is called to be an agent of change to breed the new generation, who ought to have the right kind of attitude as well as problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and adaptability to different situations. As teachers we need to translate information into knowledge, not to be overwhelmed by information, instead command the information properly and make it useful for projects.

We need to teach young people entrepreneurial skills, to develop new things by themselves. To create and develop FOCUS, which is the number one skill, practising Mindfulness has been proven to help focus, the number one skill as said which would also help to develop empathy and optimism in the everyday life.

The discussion about Education is not new. There are and there have been measurement to fit in the standard.

But also SELF-AWARENESS is a key to KNOW ONESELF, to UNDERSTAND ONESELF, to understand why people behave in a way, knowing their feelings and thoughts, learning a new skill each time. Having awareness of the own character to develop communication skills, to be successful, to become happy and productive and to be a good team player.

Following the own learning processes and focusing on Learner Improvement impact and facilitator skills the Speaker advices:

  • Short Real life experiences during the lessons
  • Giving and receiving feedback at the moment
  • Group Exercises
  • Case studies
  • Small group discussions
  • Lecture

Teach students to PUT THE ENERGY, where they DO have control over.  Teach them to avoid focusing on negative aspects that they do not control, instead of those which they control.

Encourage Students to:

  • Active listening, be totally present.
  • Get Out from their comfort zone, grow to adapt to a challenge.
  • Take part of sports activities developing strengths, weaknesses and trends.
  • Know how they work in a team. Leading something, starting something.
  • To make teachers and students work with their community to know how to deal with people.
  • Manage devices, use social media positively.
  • Practice Listening and empathy.
  • Keep a journal as a way of self-awareness and thinking

Even I personally do not agree on all the aspects, I think it is worth to reckon.

Beatriz Acosta, Teacher.


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