Managing the Arts

Mapping the transition  – I have worked on Lagos Case, which I found totally challenging because of the economic conditions of the overall population. The location of the country is also a difficult path. As Art Centre Authorities remarked they must struggle every time they want to get an international artist or event in their scenario.

Due to this I have chosen Funding and Engagement as first keywords. Funding is vital and as one of the directors have said, in such conditions there is not philanthropy. Economical transactions are a must not easily afforded for ACOs.

Click to see the map:  Mapping the transition

Diversity is a key factor and a paramount in this kind of ACOs; Africa’s cultural assets are and could more often be relayed on cultural diversity. Policies should enforce this asset throughout national and regional plans.

The sole existence of this kind of ACO in this context is per se an advocacy which should be sponsored by the engagement of local authorities and local population.

The educational aspect or well the edutainment of this kind of processes play a key role in the evolution of society. The informal Art School of the centre is an option of Education in the framework of a Cultural Centre. We tend to separate Culture and Education, but in this case the joint is an excellent option to through intelligent advocacy get more financial support and engagement from people and politicians.

Framework in the meaning of context may decide strategies and objectives in every business including non-merely commercial activities as a cultural centre. The great point of this ACO is that they truly focus on their context and in their own situation. These Art Managers are totally realistic about the issues they have to deal with.

As South America, Africa also faces the distance challenge because of that they could focus on developing themselves as a regional alternative for international cooperation or international support, making the “African wave” go further.

I have thought of Past and Professionals as other important words, but regarding the issue to face I believe that the distinction between Amateurs and Professionals is not long suitable in a context where the staff is eager to grow and get achievements every day. And regarding to the key word, PAST; African Nations as well as South American Nation have a big deal to do from the time being to the future so, regarding the meaning of the past, the efforts must preferably be put forward utter developments.




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